I Am A Hobbyist
I Love My Craft!

     For the past 3 years I have been designing Face-masks. We were told that we would have to wear them for several years. So, since that was the case, I wanted to improve the look and quality of a face-mask – that’s why I made washable 4 layer 100% cotton masks with the ability to add disposable filters – 4 layers before the CDC suggested them. Just because we had to wear them, it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be attractive and comfortable. They still needed to be protective but they had to look as good as the clothes we wear for work or leisure.



     NOW, I expanded my home-based crafting hobby/business to include personally designed t-Shirts, mugs, mementos and car signs for personal and commercial purposes. Each design is made with as purpose and love. Whether you buy directly from me, or purchased using a Print On Demand company which I personally chose for quality and speed of domestic and international shipping.



     I am on disability so this crafting hobby is to help me supplement my daily lifestyle.  I have several college degrees which among them, include recent degrees in Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Computer Science.